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(brick08) ERICA FREAS - Tether 7"

Image of (brick08) ERICA FREAS - Tether 7"


ERICA FREAS - Tether 7"

1. Harriet
2. Like Weather
3. Sun
4. Identity (by the Hidden Spots)


Released 17th January 2014 for her East Coast Australia tour.
All songs written & played by Erica Freas
Except "Identity" by The Hidden Spots -

Recorded at the Ship by Mike Stanioch in Portland, OR, USA
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Mic sounds to mastering in 72 hours, Dec 2013

[Currently only available in Australia.
If you live outside of Aus and would like a copy, you can email - Shipping is super expensive, and these WILL be available to order locally (USA) in May if you can wait until then.